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Anthony’s Plumbing Service Inc.
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If you’ve been thinking about investing in a tankless water heater, but haven’t made a commitment, think no more. Going tankless with your water heater is a great idea!

Tankless water heaters are growing in popularity; however, most consumers are still concerned. No one wants to invest in the new and unusual. This article is designed to take the worry and fear out of making a purchase.

Being properly informed is the first step to knowing you’re making a good decision. Read the benefits below. Learning everything you can about tankless water heaters makes the choice that much easier.

Double the Lifespan

Did you know that a tankless water heater lasts years longer than a tanked one? Tankless water heaters have a lifespan of nearly 20 years. You’re lucky if you get 10-12 years out of your tanked one.

This is a benefit that saves you money over time.

Wall Mountable to Save Space

If space is limited, installing a tankless water heater is a great idea! These units are small and wall mountable for added convenience. You’ll enjoy an unlimited supply of hot water and benefit from a significant amount of free space.

Endless Hot Water

Heat as much water as you need without paying to keep it stored. Simply turn on the hot water faucet and enjoy enough hot water to finish your shower. With a tankless water heater you benefit from an unlimited supply. Eliminate the storage tank. Why pay to heat water that’s not in use?

Economic Efficiency

Save money on your energy bill! A tanked water heater constantly uses energy to heat and reheat water. Standby heat loss creates waste. Since going green is on everyone’s mind, a tankless water heater is a great investment. Reduce waste and enjoy economic efficiency. With a tankless water heater it’s easy.

Requires Less Maintenance

Tankless water heaters are easy to maintain. Unlike its counterpart, a tankless water heater doesn’t house water 24 hours a day. Lime scale buildup and corrosion is virtually eliminated. Cleaning a tankless water heater is necessary, but it’s an easy process being less extensive than emptying a 30-40 gallon tank.

Tankless Water Heater Types

There are two kinds of tankless water heaters: point-of-use and whole house. A point-of-use tankless water heater can be installed under a sink or near a shower or washer dryer. If used this way, a point-of use tankless water heater supplies hot water to the immediate area only.

If this is going to be your primary source of hot water, you’ll need to install more than one unit. If it’s not, then it’s important to know you’ll still need a primary source of hot water. This tankless water heater will supplement your existing tanked one very well.

A whole house tankless water heater is typically installed in a garage or closet and is designed to provide hot water to multiple outlets. Although these tankless water heaters are larger than point-of-use water heaters, they’re still compact in size, making them great space savers.

Like a point-of-use tankless water heater, this kind of water heater is wall mountable and a great replacement for the tanked one you’re using. No matter which tankless water heater you choose, you’re guaranteed to appreciate its efficiency and space saving design.

What to Consider Before Making a Purchase

If you’ve been thinking about making a tankless water heater purchase but you’ve yet to make up your mind. Consider the facts above and a few helpful tips below to assist you in making a successful purchase.

  • Select a fuel type. Tankless water heaters run on three types of fuel – natural gas, propane, or electricity. No matter which fuel type you choose, tankless water heaters are efficient and will save you money.

  • Determine how much hot water you use on a daily basis. Will you’re tankless water heater be a primary or a supplemental source?

Tankless water heaters have installation requirements. Consider the costs and whether or not your home is setup to meet installation needs. For electric tankless water heaters you must consider the following:

  • Voltage: The volts on a tankless water heater varies from 110-277V. You’ll need to know what your home accommodates and whether an upgrade is required.

  • Amperage: All tankless water heaters require a different amp draw. Be sure your home is capable of meeting the need and choose a tankless water heater accordingly.

  • Circuit breaker: Have your circuit breaker examined to make sure your home has the connections needed to support the tankless water heater you choose.

If you choose to stay with a natural gas or propane option then make sure you have all of the proper venting accessories needed for installation. Typically there are kits available to make the installation process easier.

Know how much hot water the tankless water heater produces at one time. The following factors should be discussed with your retailer:

  • GPM (gallons per minute) or flow rate: How much hot water the tankless water heater produces matters. The flow rate determines its effectiveness.

  • Underground water temperature: Ascertain what the ambient incoming water temperature is. Northern climates are obviously colder than Southern climates. Knowing how cold the local water supply is will help you choose the perfect model.

  • Temperature options on the tankless water heater: Keep your family safe and enjoy hot water at its best possible advantage. Choose a tankless water heater with temperature control.

Discuss all of these tips with a professional so you can make the most advantageous purchase.

Choosing the Perfect Tankless Water Heater

Choosing to invest in a tankless water heater is the first decision. After that, selecting one to meet your needs is the next step. Knowing how the water will be used and how often is important. All of this information combined will help you select the perfect model.

Once you’ve made a selection and had it professionally installed, you can enjoy the benefits of an economically efficient and compact water heater that’s guaranteed to meet your needs for years to come.

Anthony’s Plumbing Service Inc.
For a Free Estimate!
Call (847)503-0541 or (773)230-1062


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