How to get on the Front Page of Google… How do you get on the 1st Page?

There are Several Ways to Get on the 1st or front page of google.  You can put your website on the front page which is a little harder. You can put an Ad on the 1st page which is a little easier. You can put a blog on the 1st page which is not to hard.  You can also use press releases. Another way to get on the first page using free business listings is to go to website’s like merchant circle, yelp, Kudzu, Oodle, Topix, and Mywebtimes. There are several others but the ones I just listed are some of the basically the best.  There are more good sites but I would be sitting here all day posting them.  I am gonna be giving you a lot of very valuable information so keep reading if you want to get your company seen.

My Name is Chris Green and I’m located in Illinois.  I have been doing Advertising on the Internet for over 10 years now.  I  have paying customers who pay me by the job and by the month just to do advertising for them.  I am about to give you some information that your not going to find anywhere else.  If  you have not been doing this for years and years then you would not even understand what most of these SEO guys are talking about.  They really don’t make it simple for you and the don’t make it easy to understand.  I know that most people don’t understand what the hell they are talking about. I am about to give you a bunch of information that you can understand.HOW TO PUSH YOUR WEBSITE TO THE TOP OF GOOGLE.

If you have not heard of a backlink it is just a link to your website from another site.   In order to push your website up in rankings you have to place links to your site everywhere so that it has all these links from all these other sites pointing at your site. The better site that you get your links on the more valuable your site becomes. Reason being is because another site would not allow a link on their site pointing towards yours unless you where of some value.  Also if you have not heard of Page Rank it is another very important thing that makes your site rank higher.  PR stands for Page Rank. You get your PR from all the valuable links that point at your site from other sites. One thing that a lot of people don’t know is that when you put links on your front page pointing to sites other than yours it brings your PR down. So if you have links on your front page that are to other sites then take them down.  Do you see any links on the front page of craigslist? Take a Look at a lot of really good high ranking sites and they don’t have links on their front page. Just internal links that go to other pages inside of their site which don’t bring down your PR.   Don’t Worry about trying to get links from sites that have no Page Rank.  It will not do anything for your site. The Best way to get a high PR is to get a Link from a Site that has a PR 5 or PR6 the highest number you can get is a 10.  You can go to a free page rank checker site and use their page rank checker tool to see what your current page rank is.  You can build up your Page Rank by Putting your Links on any site that you can think of.  Even if your Backlinks aren’t good backlinks they honestly still pushes your site up closer to the front page until eventually you actually make it to the front page.  It might not give you a better PR rank but it will push your listing up.  Make sure that when you leave a link to your site that you use your main keywords in the link.  Like for example you are a Plumber and you want to Rank high in a certain town that you do plumbing in.  So your main keywords would be Plumber in Arlington Heights IL. that is the keywords that you should use for your HTML link. I just made that Link right there. If you click on it then you will go to a Plumber’s Website. But notice how I put his keywords in the link. To find out how to make HTML links to your website then Visit W3Schools. Bookmark this page into your favorites and everytime you want to create a link all you do is go to your book marks and copy and paste the link code that you want and then you just erase their information out of it and insert yours.

Another really good way to create back links is to do it on forums. You can create your own forums if you want. Also you can do it by answer questions around the internet. Alot of people ask questions and the leave them open for people to answer them.  All you gotta do is answer the question and it gives you a link if they accept the answer.  Some people will not accept your Answer.  Sometimes you gotta talk to them and actually get into the conversation before they let you just leave your link.  It all depends.  Also when you leave your answer there will be three boxes. One Box is for your “name” the other box is for your “website” and the other is your “answer or reply box”.  In the Name Box you leave your ancher text which will be your keywords. So instead of putting your name put a few keywords put not many or it might not get accepted.  For a Plumber he would put in “Schaumburg Plumber” and thats it.  When Google looks at the link that you leave it also looks at the Anchor Text to help decide where it should index your site.  To see how many backlinks you have and what your backlinks are then just search google for a “free backlink checker tool”.  There are a bunch to choose from.

To get your Site to Rank Higher this is one of the 1st things you need to worry about.  Making as many links to your site as possible.  Another thing you need to focus on is you Meta Tag. Make Sure that Your Meta Tag  has Your Keywords

This is Actually the very 1st thing that you need to do before you even start making your backlinks.  You need a really good meta tag.  I will let you in on a secret.  Go to and they have a meta tag analyzer and a free meta tag builder that works great! They will show you how to build a great meta tag for free.  And they have a tool that builds it for you. All you got to do is put the copy and past the tag into your website.

This is leason # 1. I

hope it helped you


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